Our Campus and Facilities

Providing exceptional experiences and enabling our students to develop skill-sets to succeed for the future

General Facilities 

GEMS Wellington School, Qatar, believes in the importance of the whole school experience, from education to school environment. This belief is emphasised by our campus and facilities, both of which have been designed to nurture student life. Our modern campus boasts wide-open corridors and outdoor areas, which allow students to move around the school in a free and open environment.

Facilities are world-class and support our objective of hosting a truly international school, they include:

  • Art, textile and 3D sculpture rooms
  • Music rooms
  • Science Laboratories
  • Primary and Secondary school libraries
  • Indoor and outdoor dining areas
  • Innovation "CREATE" Zone
  • Full size Astro football pitch
  • Outdoor Sports Courts
  • Multipurpose Sports Hall
  • Dance studio
  • Shaded outdoor Foundation Stage Learning Zones
  • ICT Apple Mac Suite
  • Drama Studio
  • Design Technology Room
  • Food Technology Room

These facilities create a stimulating and supportive environment that engages the students and promotes learning and development.

Complementary Campus

GEMS American Academy, which opened its doors in September, 2014, is located on an adjacent campus. We are fostering a learning network among both schools to increase opportunities for student interaction, extra-curricular provision, sport and staff training.

If you would like to find out more about the GEMS American Academy campus, please contact +974 4041 7300 for information or to request a school tour.

Digital Technology and Innovation

The fields of digital technology are continuously developing and have a great impact on the lives of each individual. At GEMS Wellington School, Qatar, we enable students to develop their knowledge in these areas, as this will prepare them for life beyond school, enabling them to be prepared for an ever changing world.

Technology is integrated into the classroom and students of all ages learn how it is used in day-to-day life through robotics, cameras, laptops, tablets and ‘connected’ classrooms.

We aim to develop digital themes that ensure our learners are ready to use technology in all aspects of their lives:

  • Digital Literacy
  • Skills & Technical Understanding
  • Technology in the World
  • Safe and responsible use

Students at Wellington School will develop higher order and real life thinking skills through curriculum opportunities that build on ideas from some of the world’s best universities: Coding from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); Design Thinking from Stanford University in learning spaces that allow pupils to innovate and develop ideas.

Sports Facilities

Education at Wellington is about the whole child and GEMS students are active learners who enjoy living healthy lifestyles and challenging themselves. GEMS Wellington School, Qatar, provides students with facilities that allow them to utilise the skills they have as well as discover and develop new ones. This helps them to become all-round achievers and realise their full potential.

Our sports facilities include:

  • Tennis, netball and basketball facilities
  • A substantial astro playing area for football, rugby, rounders and athletics
  • Indoor multi-purpose sports hall
  • Dance studio

Sports can teach students how to work as a team towards a collective goal, in addition to teaching them how to work towards their own personal goals. We invite students to make the most of their school experience and develop competencies in as many fields as they can.

To find out more about our sports facilities, please call us on +974 4041 7555.

Medical Care

GEMS Wellington School, Qatar, caters to the well-being of our students by providing an on-campus medical center, managed by two fully-qualified nurses.

Our nurses are responsible for:

  • Treating minor illnesses and injuries that require immediate attention*
  • Maintaining student health and immunisation records
  • Providing staff and students with health and medical information
  • Liaising with the Doha Health Authority (DHA)

*In the case of major illness or injury obtained during school hours, students can be taken to the hospital

New Students

As a registration requirement, parents must submit the following documents to the registrar or nurse before their child can attend school:

  1. Health Record from Hamad Health Centres
  2. Medical Consent Form
  3. Copy of student’s immunisation record

Please advise the nurse of any medical issues your child may have that the school needs to be aware of, including existing medical conditions and allergies.

If you require more information, please call +974 4041 7340.

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