Admission Process

Open for Enrolments - Academic Year 2024-25


GEMS Wellington School, Qatar, is now accepting admission applications for Foundation Stage 1 to Year 13 for the 2024-2025 academic year. Click here to fill out an online Enquiry.

For enquiries and further information, please contact us:

Telephone: +974 4041 7455 / +974 4041 7555.

Email: [email protected][email protected]

Admission Age

Students must have turned the following ages by 31 August in the academic year they wish to enter the respective grade. 

3 Years Old Foundation Stage 1
4 Years Old Foundation Stage 2
5 Years Old Year 1

In exceptional circumstances we may accept children into FS1  who turn three after 31st August and before December 31st if they are very independent, confident and respond well to adults

Admission-Related Fees

Registration Fee

3,500 QR (non-refundable, non-transferable: payable when offered a place)

Assessment Fee

  1. For Foundation Stage 1: FREE (no assessment fee)   
  2. For Foundation 2 - Year 13: 200 QR (non-refundable, non-transferable: payable on day of assessment)

To Apply For Admission

To apply for admission to GEMS Wellington School, Qatar, you must fill out an Enquiry. An Enquiry is an online application form.

Click here to begin an Enquiry.

Application Process

Step 1: Click here to be taken to the Enquiry page.

Step 2: The first part of the application will require:

  • Parent/Guardian’s name
  • Relationship to the applicant
  • Valid email address (your Enquiry reference number will be sent here)
  • Contact number
  • Applicant’s name
  • Applicant’s date of birth
  • Year Group being applied for

Step 3: Submit the above information.

An Enquiry has been created at this point. You may complete it immediately or continue it when you choose.

Step 4: Check the inbox of the email address provided to find your Enquiry reference number. Do not lose this number.

Step 5: Return to the Enquiry page and complete your admission application.

You may include siblings in this application.

You have the option to ’Save and Continue Later’ at all times during the process.

Step 6: Once you have completed the entire Enquiry, you will receive another email informing you of the documents you must upload or email to the school registrar to complete the admission application. 

The submission of documents are important to verify the student age, curriculum and to offer correct year group placement.

Please find below a list of documents to be uploaded and submitted along with the application:

  • Applicant's Qatar ID card/Residence Permit (please note, students cannot start school if they do not have a valid Qatar ID)
  • Applicant’s passport
  • Applicant's Birth Certificate
  • Parent’s passport
  • Parents Residency Permit/Identification Card
  • Vaccination record/s
  • Transfer Certificate from previous school
  • Recent passport sized photographs of the applicant
  • Two most recent school reports
  • 'Fit to join school' certificate from Hamad Medical Corporation
  • Completed Medical Consent Form provided by the School  
  • Reports relating to a student’s additional support requirements, where applicable. Required latest diagnosis report, treatment and IEP report. This is essential in the registration process to allow the school to establish if it has the capacity to support significant needs.
  • International Student - All children joining year 2 and above who are transferring from schools outside of Qatar are required to provide the school with an attested copy of the latest school report/end of current academic year school report and attested transfer certificate if coming from different curriculum for students to be registered in the Ministry system. They are also required to show Qatar entry stamp on applicant's passport.

Step 7: The Admissions team will call you for an interview and/or assessment.

Step 8: Come to the school at the arranged time for the interview/assessment.

Step 9: Following a successful assessment you will receive an Offer letter.

Assessment Test

Assessment tests are conducted by members of our Team and give us an opportunity to see each child’s basic skills and knowledge, their learning behaviours as well as their ability to interact with our team. This is important as we want to ensure that our curriculum can meet each individual child’s needs.

Foundation Stage: Children are invited to a stay and play session where staff will assess the child’s readiness for school.

Year 1  Year 2: Children complete a basic assessment looking at knowledge of phonics, letters, numbers, shapes along with their writing.

Year 3 – Year 6: Cognitive Ability Test (CAT) and written English

Year 7 –Year 13: Cognitive Ability Test (CAT) 

Remote Assessment Procedure (Only for Overseas Applicants)

We are assessing applicants by appointment only in the school learning environment. Overseas applicants can take advantage of our remote assessments.  

Remote Assessment Procedure for Foundation Stage

Please make a few short video clips of your child (approximately 2 minutes long  for  each task) which we will use to help us assess their social skills in particular their confidence and their ability to interact with others.

It would be helpful and very much appreciated if the video clips contained the following items: 

  • Your child playing independently
  • Your child playing with a sibling or grown up (if they are an only child).  Please film the other people in the video so we can see the interaction taking place.
  • Your child looking at a picture book either independently of with someone else.
  • Your child having a conversation with another person. Please film the other people so we can see the interaction.
  • Your child using a pencil to draw and color a picture.

The aim of the video is for us to see your child happily playing in their home environment, watching them make marks or write with a pencil, holding a book and turning pages, running, jumping, playing with others, speaking to another child or adult, etc.

We appreciate if you could forward this in MP4 format to [email protected]

Remote Assessment Procedure for KEY STAGE 1

Please make a short video of your child (approximately 2 minutes in total for each task) which we will use to help get to know them better. 

It would be helpful and very much appreciated if the video contained the following items: 

  • Your child playing independently
  • Your child playing with a sibling or grown up if they are an only child. (Please include the person in the video)
  • Your child reading a couple of pages of a book that is at their reading level
  • Your child completing a piece of writing by themselves. Please send the completed writing task, attached to email
  • Your child having a conversation with another person.(Please include the person in the video)

The aim of the video is for us to see your child happily playing in their home environment, watching them make marks or write with a pencil, holding a book and turning pages, running, jumping, playing with others, speaking to another child or adult, etc.

We appreciate if you could forward this to, [email protected].

Remote Assessment Procedure from Year 3 onwards

Please  supervise your child whilst taking part in the CAT (cognitive ability test) assessment. The assessment must be completed independently and without any assistance from you, however you can encourage them to have a go. If they cannot answer a question then ask them to move on to the next one.

To access the test, kindly follow below steps: 

Go to the test website 

  • Please enter the access code (access code will be sent, as soon as your child is ready to sit for the test)
  • Your child must complete all 3 parts and submit the test. 
  • Please make sure that each section is completed and they have clicked on the submit button.
  • The test should take 90 minutes to 120 minutes, please ensure that they are in a quiet place in the home without any distractions.
  • When your child is doing the test please make sure they do not press the refresh button as all their work will be lost and they will have to start again.

Once your child has completed the test, please let us know at [email protected] so that we can extract the reports.

Please note that  your child has one week to complete the test upon receiving this email.  After a week the test will have expired and your child will not be able to take it.   

Bank Details

Kindly use the following banking details to pay the assessment fee of 200 QR, via Bank Transfer. Once the fees has been paid, the Admissions team will be able to give the feedback/outcome of the assessment. 

Account Name: Premier Schools International Qatar
Bank Name: DOHA BANK
Bank Address: Al-Wakra Branch, P.O.Box 3818, Qatar
Account Number: 237-431186-1-10-0
Swift Code: DOHBQAQA
IBAN: QA17 DOHB 0237 0431 1860 0100 1000 0
Reference: Your child’s Name & Surname

Our Team are trained in student development and are aware that each child is different and unique with varying abilities.

If you would like more information about assessment or admission to GEMS Wellington School, Qatar, please call us on +974 4041 7455/+974 4041 7555.

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