Curriculum: National Curriculum for England

Language of Instruction: English

The curriculum at GEMS Wellington School is designed to meet the overall aim of excellence for all, both personally and academically as our students build the behaviours and characteristics of high performance through a series of authentic experiences.

GEMS Wellington School aims to create an aspiring community of happy, globally minded high performing students who achieve personal and academic excellence.

We achieve these aims through our focus on High Performance Learning and our quest for creating Global Citizens, Advanced Performers and Enterprising Learners.

  • Students will develop two core sets of characteristics to develop advanced thinking and advanced learning. They are Advanced Cognitive Performance Characteristics (ACPs) and Values Attitudes and Attributes (VAAs).
  • Students develop their Meta-Thinking to begin consciously thinking about thinking. Students will develop and become aware of their repertoire of thinking skills that will be available to them when faced with a range of complex problems.
  • Our curriculum is broad and throughout students will be asked to link learning episodes and create their own schema of learning. Our students will see learning as part of a larger scheme as opposed to a series of single events.
  • We want our students to be logical and careful in their learning, even when being creative. Through the development of analysis our students will improve their precision, critical thinking and approach to multi-step problem solving.
  • Creativity sits at the heart of all subjects within our curriculum and our students will be creative in their thinking and learning. We want our students to experience the satisfaction and joy which comes with creative problem solving and to know what to do when we are not around.

Realising other characteristics which when applied, best enhance learning is something we want all our students to achieve. A sense of automaticity without the loss of speed and accuracy.