A British education with an international perspective

Curriculum: National Curriculum for England

Language of Instruction: English

GEMS Wellington School, Qatar, offers the National Curriculum for England, in an international context.

The National Curriculum for England has been created by educational professionals and designed to develop student competencies in a number of core areas. GEMS Wellington School, Qatar, takes this foundation and builds on it, tailoring its curriculum to its students’ diverse international needs. The integration of the Arabic curriculum adds a rich tier of knowledge to our students’ education.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Foundation Stage 1 and Foundation Stage 2

(Age: 3 to 5 years old)

The curriculum is based on the UK Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) and provides all students with a journey of learning, guided by our caring, nurturing and dedicated team of Educational professionals.

As an introduction to school, this programme of learning focuses on self development in partnership with intellectual and physical development. Learning is multi-sensory, collaborative and fun.

Child initiated learning is at the centre of the curriculum and this enables us to personalise the learning experience to meet the needs of the individual, through adult facilitated play.

Primary School

Key Stage 1 and 2 (Year 1 - Year 6)  

The Primary School Curriculum is based on the English National Curriculum (ENC) which we have modified to meet the needs of our mainly international students taking into account the local context they live in  and the GEMS core values. The influence of our host nation adds a rich Arabic tier to our programme, introducing students to, and developing knowledge about the local culture and heritage. The curriculum enables our students to develop skills for life and is underpinned by our bespoke student learner profile. It supports our students' natural curiosity and interests and provides opportunities for them to extend their learning and develop a variety of learning styles.

Senior (Secondary) School

Key Stages 3 & 4 - (Year 7 - Year 11) 

Our Key Stage 3 & 4 Curriculum is based on the English National Curriculum (ENC). Our curriculum is designed to provide a seamless transition from Key Stage 2 to the end of Key Stage 4, at age 18. It is a skills-focused curriculum that provides students with a broad and balanced knowledge of key subjects as well as the opportunity to develop their 21st century learning skills through our unique learner profile. This provides opportunities for our students to become more aware of themselves, their interests and their strengths.

Preparing for IGCSEs (Year 9 - Year 11)

Our students at GEMS Wellington School, Qatar are well prepared to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSEs). These worldwide recognised qualifications are important for students seeking admission to Universities, and are an excellent preparation for future study.

Students study the core IGCSEs in English, Mathematics and Science. This course of study is complimented with a number fo optional IGCSEs. This provides our students the freedom to choose subjects that are needed for their future pathways whilst providing them with a broad knowledge base. Students will undertake between 9 - 11 IGCSEs in total.

Key Stage 5 (Year 12 - Year 13)

In Key Stage 5 Students will  study for the Edexcel International Advanced Level examinations.  Students will take a maximum of 4 subjects.

These exams allow for the students to take an AS ( Advanced Subsiduary) examination at the end of year 12. This qualification will allow entry to some universities in India, Indonesia and Canada on an undergraduate course, or in to a foundation course.

Students can then continue their studies in to Year 13 and at the end of Year 13 they will sit for the Advanced Level examination. Success in these examinations will allow them to access an undergraduate course in any university .

The Edexcel International Advanced level qualification is an accredited qualification that is recognized qualification worldwide.