GEMS Wellington School, Qatar, does not confine learning to paper. We believe that to be a true lifelong learner, a person must seek knowledge in everything they do; exploration, enquiry and discovery are essential learning techniques we integrate into each class.

Proudly a GEMS Education School

GEMS Education students are not simply encouraged to achieve today, they are inspired to make each day's achievements another level in their foundation of excellence. At school-going ages, students have the world ahead of them; we prepare them to enter that world as leaders who are ready for university, their careers or whatever path they end up on.

Like all GEMS Education schools, our curriculum is tailored to the international needs of our students and the goal of creating future innovators. GEMS schools embody the four core values of:

  • Leading through innovation
  • Pursuing excellence
  • Growing by learning
  • Global citizenship

GEMS schools do not simply follow the standard curricular, they shape it to meet the needs of tomorrow, thus preparing our students to work in the world tomorrow and lead in it.