Hilton WSQ Partnership

GEMS Wellington School Qatar and Hilton Hotels Create Partnership

In a ground-breaking move aimed at fostering a dynamic connection between education and the hospitality sector, Hilton, a prominent name in Qatar's hospitality industry, and GEMS Wellington School – Qatar (WSQ), a leading educational institution, have formalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to embark on a collaborative journey towards a brighter future for students.

This strategic partnership seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice, offering students unparalleled opportunities for hands-on training, site visits, and the invaluable sharing of expertise. As both entities share a commitment to excellence, this alliance is poised to reshape the educational landscape by combining academic rigor with real-world experience.

Etienne Gailliez, Country General Manager, Hilton, Qatar, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "At Hilton, we believe in nurturing talent and investing in the future. This partnership with GEMS education reflects our commitment to shaping well-rounded individuals who can thrive in the dynamic hospitality industry." Etienne continues, “This MOU signifies a commitment to intertwining education and hospitality, offering students from GEMS Wellington School – Qatar hands-on training in our renowned hotels. We look forward to a future where our collaboration becomes a model for talent development and economic growth."

Likewise, David Wilson, Principal/CEO of GEMS Wellington School – Qatar, affirmed the educational significance of the collaboration, noting, "I am absolutely delighted we have established this unique partnership and even more excited by the possibilities that lie ahead. At WSQ, we aspire for excellence in all we do, so being able to partner with a world-class name such as Hilton and collaborate on projects that unite the education and hospitality sectors is ground-breaking. Education should be about providing students with high quality, engaging and purposeful learning opportunities that help prepare them for life beyond school. This partnership is a great addition to our outstanding educational programme."

As part of the MOU, Hilton aims to enrich the experience of WSQ students by offering hands-on learning opportunities and organizing live cooking sessions by prominent Hilton chefs in the school's Food Technology lab. Students will also gain practical insights through kitchen tours hosted by Hilton hotels. Hilton further provides support through summer and winter internship programs for grade 12 and 13 students, including in departments such as Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, and Food & Beverage – Admin and Service. This initiative is designed to equip students with essential skills for their future careers in the hospitality industry.

Highlighting the perspective of those directly impacted, Helsa Sanju, a Year 11 student enrolled in WSQ’s Food Technology course, said: "I love the ever-changing world of culinary innovation, influenced by diverse tastes and cultures. The magic of the culinary arts motivates me to contribute to sustainable food practices. I want to pursue a career where I can explore different foods, apply scientific methods, and create dishes that inspire our generation.

“Through food and the culinary arts, I've discovered a universe of skills, textures, and flavours. I cannot wait to try new recipes, improve my skills, and create culinary experiences that break the mould."

This MOU signing marks the beginning of a transformative alliance between Hilton and GEMS education, symbolizing their shared commitment to nurturing a new generation of professionals with a solid foundation in both academics and practical skills. The collaboration promises to redefine the traditional boundaries of education and set a precedent for innovative partnerships in Qatar's academic and hospitality realms.

The signing ceremony, held at Waldorf Astoria Lusail Doha, witnessed the presence of representatives from all 16 Hilton properties in Qatar alongside key stakeholders and the management teams of both partners. The event exuded an air of anticipation as the collaboration was unveiled, promising a fusion of innovation and shared values.