Volunteering transforms Year 12 student

Antony Biju, a Year 12 student at GEMS Wellington School – Qatar, is a dedicated student who always tried his best in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities. However, he felt that something was missing in his life, something that would give him a sense of purpose and fulfillment. One day, while browsing through his school’s notice board, he came across an advertisement for volunteering at the HOPE Qatar Center for Special Needs. Without wasting any time, he signed up for the program.

Antony's first day at the center was an eye-opening experience. He met differently-abled students of various age groups, each with their own unique challenges and abilities. As he got to know them better, he realised that they were just like him in many ways – they had dreams, hopes, and desires. But unlike him, they faced obstacles and barriers that he had never even imagined.

Over the next few weeks, Antony immersed himself in volunteering work. He helped the teachers with the students' lessons, played games with them during break time, and assisted with therapy sessions. He saw firsthand how the teachers worked tirelessly to create customised learning plans for each child, based on their individual needs and strengths. He also saw the parents' commitment to continuing their child's education and development at home.

As Antony continued to volunteer at the center, he began to understand the true importance of volunteering work. He saw how it helped bridge the gap between different sections of society and brought people together. He learned that volunteering was not just about giving back to the community but also about gaining a new perspective on life.

Despite missing some of his classes, Antony managed to catch up on his studies and stay ahead of the curve. He found that volunteering work had actually made him more focused, disciplined, and motivated in his academic pursuits.

In the end, Antony realised that volunteering work had given him something that he had been missing in his life – a sense of purpose and fulfillment. He knew that he would continue to volunteer at the center and be a part of something that was bigger than himself. As he left the center that day, he felt grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in someone else's life and for the lessons he had learned about the true value of volunteering.