Aayam Jain TT Rockstars WSQ_2

Y4 Student Secures Highest Score Globally in Times Tables Rockstars Competition

Aayam Jain, a Year 4 student at GEMS Wellington School – Qatar has secured the highest score globally in a recent Times Tables Rockstars competition. With over 45,000 participants worldwide, Aayam's outstanding performance highlights the school's commitment to academic excellence and student empowerment. 

Times Tables Rockstars is an online educational platform designed to help students master their multiplication tables through engaging games and challenges. In this competition, students have a set time to answer as many multiplication questions correctly as possible. Aayam's success in achieving the highest score out of over 45,000 participants worldwide highlights his exceptional proficiency in multiplication and his dedication to mastering mathematical skills. 

Aayam's success stems from his dedication and support from his parents and school. He did not receive additional math classes outside of school and has completed all tasks independently at home. His accomplishment was celebrated during a school assembly, where he received recognition and accolades in the presence of his parents. The school also shared the achievement with the larger community through social media platforms.

GEMS Wellington School – Qatar focuses on fostering reasoning and problem-solving skills within the curriculum, which helped enhancing Aayam's mastery level understanding similarly to his fellow students. Aayam's achievement resonates with the school's broader academic objectives, emphasising High Performance Learning and the cultivation of Values, Attitudes, and Attributes (VAA) through deliberate practice and resilience. The success underscores the school's commitment to Advanced Cognitive Performance (ACP) by promoting automaticity and accuracy in learning.

Times Tables Rockstars remains integrated into the school curriculum, providing students with an engaging platform for multiplication practice. Additionally, the school actively participates in various math-related competitions such as those hosted by BSME, Education Perfect, and the Mental Math World Cup.

Aayam's journey towards this milestone reflects his determination and continuous improvement. His previous success in local competitions fueled his ambition, culminating in this remarkable global achievement, showcasing the school's commitment to nurturing excellence.