Alana Brereton WSQ

Alana Brereton

Assistant Head of Primary: Ethos, Culture and Wellbeing

Hello, my name is Alana Brereton and it is a Privilege to be the Primary Assistant Head of Primary: Culture, Ethos and Wellbeing at WSQ. I have fifteen years of teaching experience, fourteen of which were in the UK in the West Midlands, with three years of that experience as a Vice Principal and Head of School at a school in Wolverhampton. I pride myself on building excellent relationships with pupils and their families. I believe that a successful home-school partnership is essential so that pupils can achieve their full potential. Alongside my previous Vice Principal role I was a Special Educational Needs Coordinator and Designated Safeguarding Lead for the school, an experience which allows me to have the expertise to support families and children with a variety of needs within the school.

I have high expectations for all learners and believe whole heartedly that children get one chance at education. And we must give them the highest quality experience which enables them to be lifelong learners and successful into adulthood.

Being Assistant Head of Culture Ethos and Wellbeing allows me to play an integral part in the students' learning at WSQ. Having high expectations for all my pupils, I can support staff to create a school culture and environment which enables them to be learners for life. It is through the exceptional pastoral support that WSQ gives to pupils and the value the school places on having happy, well-supported learners that we can enable high-performance learning and provide pupils with quality educational opportunities, we prepare them for success in adulthood whilst allowing them to explore and discover their talents.

Outside of school, I enjoy reading, travelling, swimming, netball and playing the flute. I also love to travel with my husband and two children. 


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