Richard Lang  WSQ

Richard Lang

Head of Primary P.E.

I am a passionate sports enthusiast and dedicated professional in the field of Physical Education. As the Head of Primary Physical Education at Gems Wellington School, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this role. And I hope to shape the next generation of young athletes with an innovative and dynamic approach.

My journey in the world of sports and physical education began at Bath University, where I pursued an undergraduate degree in Sports Science. During my time at Bath, I developed a deep understanding of the scientific principles behind physical activity and later honed my skills in coaching and teaching at the University of Teesside and Buckinghamshire.

Beyond my professional life, I am a devoted family man. My wife and I are proud parents of two sons, who share the same love for sports and physical activity. I also enjoy playing golf, padel, football and the occasional camping trip in Qatar.

As the Head of Primary Physical Education, I am committed to creating a positive and engaging learning environment for students. My teaching philosophy revolves around fostering a love for physical activity, promoting teamwork, and instilling essential life skills through sports. I believe that a well-rounded education includes the development of both the mind and body, and I strive to instill these values in my students.


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